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Motivation is not dog training

To motivate and change humans is neither done with  stick or treats.

Human motivation is much more complicated.

Do you know what it takes?

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We are a creative consultancy with deep knowledge about what motivates managers and employees. We know how to make real change and learning, that doesn't die in the meeting room, but gets all the way into the feet. 

Our trademark is creativity, energy and engagement. 


We have clients in more than 20 countries and are based in the latest psychological research and thousands of hours of experience.

Bo Krüger

Bo is a meeting designer, facilitator, trainer  and speaker. He is an international expert in motivation, learning and gamification. He helps companies design and facilitate meetings, conferences and workshops, that leads to real change. Bo was has been an important part of the developent of the succesful Danish meeting design concept Meetovation. 


Bo is renowned for his energy, creativity and ability to make complicated stuff easy to understand. He won the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Danish Meetings and Events Awards in 2016.


Bo has studied education, psychology and gamification and has extensive experience as an improv comedy actor.



We are not many, but we have extensive cooperation with different professional business partners, which enables us to handle all aspects of larger meetings and events.  

"There is perhaps no event industry expert as curious, adventurous and innovative as master storyteller Bo Krüger. When you join one of his presentations, you are not yet another passive listener idly absorbing or mishearing information; you help (re)write the story, voice your ideas and ultimately, facilitate the development of bold new ideas."


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