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Motivation is not 


To motivate and change people is not done with

neither stock or dog biscuits.

Human motivation is much more complex.

Do you know what it takes?

Gående møder

giver 60% flere idéer

Tryk på linket og se Bo Krüger blive interviewet af Anders Lund Madsen om, hvorfor gående møder er en god idé.


Bevægelse i undervisningen

Læs Bos seneste blogindlæg HER

We are a creative consultancy with vast knowledge, about what motivates leaders and employees.  We know how to create learning and change that doesn't die in the meeting room, but reach all the way to the tip of the organizations toes. 

We are specialized in designing and facilitating meetings, events and workshops.


Our signature strenths are creativity, energy and engagment.


We have worked in more than 20 countries and are deeply rooted in the latest psychological research and thousands of hours practical experience.

Bo Krüger

Bo is a facilitator, meeting designer and speaker. He is an expert in how to increase motivation, learning and creativity. He helps companies and meeting planners design outstanding meetings and events.


Bo is wellknown for his energy, creativity and ability to make complicated stuff easy to understand. he is the author of serveral books and won the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Danish Meetings and Events Awards 2016.


Bo has a master degree in education and geography and a lon time experience as an improv comedy actor. 


Watch HERE

"Super tak. Vi var rigtigt glade for indlægget - det var meget fint ramt i forhold til målgruppen og de ting, vi havde talt om. Og det fik også super feedback fra deltagerne."


Maibritt Agger, Afdelingschef, Dansk Standard



We are not many, but we have an intensive network of partners and suppliers that enables us to produce and implement big meetings and events.

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